4 Ways to Prevent Post-Surgical Scars

If you are planning to have surgery, you may be concerned about the scars being left behind after your procedure. While scarring isn’t always completely avoidable, there are steps you can take to minimize the appearance and texture. In this article, we share a few post-surgical scar management tips.

Post-Surgical Scar Management Tips

1. Follow your surgeon’s instructions. 

One of the most important things to do to prevent scars after surgery is to follow your surgeon’s instructions. Your doctor has likely performed the procedure you are having many times. He or she will know the best post-operative care instructions for you to minimize prominent scars. 

2. Use a silicone-based product.

Silicone has been recommended by surgeons and skin care professionals to prevent post-surgical scars for over three decades. It works by drawing up moisture from the lower layers of the skin to the upper layers, creating an optimal healing environment for the incision site. In addition to being scientifically proven to minimize, flatten, and fade most scar types, including those from tummy tucks, breast augmentation, liposuction, breast lift and reduction, facelifts, rhinoplasty, eye lifts, and more, silicone gel sheets are also cost-effective. 


3. Avoid adding stress to the incision site.

Adding tension to the incision site from activities like exercising or moving around too much can pull apart the incision and delay healing or increase the size of the wound, increasing the size of the wound. It’s best to relax for a few days after your procedure to give the incision time to heal. 

4. Protect the incision site from the sun. 

Letting too much sun on the incision site can further discolor the scar. The scar site is also more susceptible to sun damage than healthy skin. It’s advised to avoid the sun at least until the scar matures. If you must be outdoors before the scar fully matures, make sure to wear adequate SPF, stay in the shade as much as possible, and wear protective clothing. 

Preventing Surgical Scars Isn’t Always Possible

Avoiding scars after surgery isn’t always possible, so it’s important to have realistic expectations. Some people scar worse than others, but by following your surgeon’s post-operative care instructions and using the mentioned best practices, your scar should heal as best as possible.

Can Silicone Really Reduce the Appearance of Scars?

When the skin is injured, the body’s natural healing process begins. Cells called fibroblasts are stimulated to form granulation tissue where they produce excess collagen to heal the wound. When the body produces too much collagen, it can leave a raised or discolored scar. Evidence suggests that silicone can greatly improve the look and texture of scars. Here’s what you should know.

How Silicone Prevents Scars

Silicone gel sheets work by interrupting the scar formation process by creating an optimal environment for the wound to heal. 

Here are a few mechanisms that may contribute to silicone’s efficacy:

Increases Hydration: Silicone draws moisture from the bottom layers of the skin to the outer layer of the skin, which is called the stratum corneum. In doing so, it regulates fibroblast production and reduces collagen production. 

Creates Occlusion: Silicone is semipermeable. While it prevents moisture from escaping the application area, it still allows oxygen through. Staying hydrated and oxygenated allows the scar tissue to blend with the surrounding tissue. The result is a softer, flatter, and less discolored scar. 

Offers Protection: Silicone can protect the scar area from bacteria, which can increase collagen production, worsening the appearance of scars.

Regulates growth factors: Some growth factors cause fibroblasts to increase collagen production while others increase the breakdown of excess collagen. By regulating growth factors, silicone can normalize collagen synthesis, improving the color and texture of scars.

Silicone Gel Pads

Silicone gel pads can help the application area maintain moisture during the healing process which can regulate collagen production and minimize the appearance and texture of a scar. In some cases, silicone can prevent a detectable scar from forming altogether. 

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